Liberal Group Behind Raul Grijalva Ad That Likened His Opponent to "White Bread"

A liberal organization funded a pro-Raul Grijalva mailer this election season that likens the Congressman's opponent to "white bread."


Gila Courier, a conservative blog, pointed out the mailer on November 1, the day before the election, along with a failed prediction that the Democrat incumbent would lose to Ruth McClung, a Republican (who, as you probably guessed, is white.) We read about the mailer in a blog post published yesterday on Espresso Pundit.

Now, we hesitate to label the mailer blatantly racist, (although, to be honest, that was our first thought.) Fact is, the term "white bread" can be used to describe the blandness of something, similar to one definition of "vanilla."

But the racial overtone of the mailer seems undeniable, especially in the context of this race. Presumably, the ad was sent to plenty of Hispanic households in the heavily Hispanic Congressional District 7. Grijalva's of Mexican descent. McClung is white. The ad, as you can see, makes no reference to blandness.

We left messages with the Washington D.C.-based Center for Community Change, which sponsored the ad, and Grijalva's office, but haven't heard back from either.

Grijalva beat McClung in a fairly close race -- but it might have gone differently for him had he not admitted it was a mistake to call for a national boycott of Arizona.

Of all the criticisms that could be levied against McClung, starting with her inexperience, the fact that she's "white bread" is clearly the most irrelevant.


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.