Kairo, the light-rail ninja.
Kairo, the light-rail ninja.

Light Rail Ninja Kairo: Hero, or Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Now that more than 500,000 people have seen the YouTube video of Phoenix's light rail ninja "Kairo" breaking up a fight, it's caused some debate.

Some people think it's pretty awesome that "Kairo" put the kibosh on the light rail fisticuffs, while others think it's a really bad idea to be using a sword as a weapon -- as folks in Arizona tend to carry guns.

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That's the video above if you haven't seen it yet, and although Phoenix police are investigating the incident that involved Kairo pulling out the sword on the light rail, Phoenix police Sergeant Steve Martos told New Times last week, "It appears the individual with the sword helped to stop the fight."

This morning's question: Is Kairo a hero, or are his sword antics a disaster in the making?

Cast your vote below:


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