Lil' Casey Newton pulls out kneepads for Mayor Phil Gordon; Santa's papers get checked at Pruitt's.

Salvador Reza at this Saturday's protest on Thomas.

Is the Republic's City Hall suckup, lil' Casey Newton, gunning for a job on Goober's staff? He might as well be, the way he's turned into a mouthpiece for Flipflop Phil, penning shorts like Saturday's "Pruitt's top foe refuses meeting," which reads like it was authored by one of Phil's paid flunkies.

According to immigrants-rights activist Salvador Reza, Figgy Newton didn't contact him before going to press with the Saturday item. The article tries to assign blame to Reza for the lack of any City Hall-desired three-party talks.

Reza's repeatedly stated that he would sit down with Pruitt's owner Roger Sensing and the Mayor once Sensing calls off Sheriff Arpaio's Deputy dawgs. But Sensing won't do that. So the "talks" the Mayor so desperately wants (to show he's doing something) are a no-go. Goober needs someone to blame, and Reza's his fall guy.

Using the Sheriff's own words against him.

Saturday, I opened the paper to see Newton's byline implying Reza was to blame for being intransigent. Sensing also called for an audit of Reza's finances, something the city is in no position to do. Though the city helped set up the Macehualli Work Center near 25th Street and Bell Road in 2003, the Mayor's own website notes that currently, "State law, which the City will not violate, prohibits direct City support or involvement in any day labor center." So that dog won't hunt, Rog.

Sensing, however, IS receiving the protection of the sheriff over and above the off-duty deputies he pays for. If anything should be audited, it should be the taxpayer dollars spent on Sensing's bullshit.

I'm starting to notice a theme here...

"I'll talk to Sensing and the Mayor," said Reza at the Pruitt's protest Saturday. "As soon as the Sheriff gets out of there, and stops arresting people just for the color of their skin."

Reza pointed over the south side of Thomas, where the MCSO has occupied Pruitt's lot every Saturday.

"Look at that," he said. "When they go arrest someone on the street, they transfer them here. Arpaio has an adjunct headquarters here. People are out here for a reason. Enough is enough, you cannot continue doing that."

Hey dood, where's the sheet? Gotta represent...

Newton makes a point in his piece of saying that Sensing "also called for an immediate stop to the weekly protests in front of his business."

Uh, so fucking what? Old man Sensing may be rich as Crassus, but he has ZERO power over the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He does not own the sidewalk on his side of Thomas Road, and he sure as shinola does not own the sidewalk on the north side of Thomas. Judging from Saturday's turn-out, the protests are growing, with Reza's group of lawyers, college students, clergy, parents and activists stretching down Thomas on the east side of 35th Street, and the Minutemen, American Freedom Riders, and others stretching down Thomas on the west side of 35th Street. And there's not a damn thing Sensing can do about it.

Well, unless he wants to kick the Sheriff's deputies off his property and extend the olive branch...Don't hold your breath. Sensing could have helped Reza establish a day-laborer site nearby, which would keep the jornaleros in one place. But judging from his actions, he doesn't want one anywhere near him. That's his choice. If he went to Goober tomorrow and used his influence to push for a day laborer site, it would bloody happen. Instead, Sensing wants a fight, and he's got one.

"Sensing is culpable to the degree that he allowed himself to be used by the Sheriff's office and by the Judicial Watch people," stated Reza.

Sensing has been in direct contact with the Sheriff's office for some time. I have reams of correspondence between Sensing and the MCSO, recordings of telephone messages left by Sensing (obtained through public records requests), and people writing on Sensing's behalf (or claiming to), telling the MCSO and the PHX PD that they should investigate whether or not Reza himself is illegal, and maybe even start checking the papers of protesters. (Reza is a veteran of the Air Force, BTW.) Such persistent hatefulness gets no sympathy in my book.

Guess we'll have to start checkin' Santa's papers...

As for the protest this week, it was mostly peaceful, and the PHX PD did a good job of keeping the two groups separated, though there were some tense moments at the very end as Reza was leading his group away from Thomas. Basically, the two sides traded jibes and insults for a few minutes on either side of 35th, with the cops between them. When Reza's people melted away, the anti-immigrant folks took their show up to Wal-Mart, several blocks east of Pruitt's.

The PHX PD followed, and watched as the anti-illegal folks held up their signs and yelled at those driving into, out of, and by the entrance to the Wal-Mart parking lot (there are numerous other business who use this same parking lot). Like I said, Reza's group had broken up back on 35th, so I don't really understand why the counterprotesters hightailed it to Wal-Mart.

Those I asked told me they had come to Wal-Mart because the parking lot was a notorious pick-up spot for day laborers, but there was nary a jornalero in sight. When I pointed this out, they told me the cops had run them all off by the time counterprotesting bikers had ridden their Harleys up there. Go figure. Maybe the jornaleros were busy checkin' out the blue-light specials...

You'll be sorry when they're gone...

At Wal-Mart, anti-anchor-baby urban cougar Michelle Dallacroce got pushed by some pregnant chick after a sidewalk screaming match. The cops arrested the pregnant lady in no time flat, and cited and released her shortly thereafter. Dallacroce told me the woman had tried to grab the microphone of her M.A.S.H.-style loudspeaker, then shoved her. I later received e-mails denouncing the incident, making it sound like the sinking of the Lusitania.

One of the e-mails stated that during a search, the alleged perpetrator, one Kristina Yeo, was "found to have methamphetamine and a glass pipe in her possession - a felony offense."

The press release then wonders, "So, what did the Phoenix Police Department do??? After Michelle completed the process to press charges, they gave this criminal a written citation for misdemeanor simple assault and released her. That's it!!"

PHX PD spokesperson Sgt. Andy Hill told me that when the Yeo woman was searched, no drugs or paraphernalia were found on her. Hill says Yeo was placed in a wagon, taken to a command post, cited for assault and released. After Yeo was removed, a broken glass pipe was found in the wagon. But they didn't find it on her when she was searched, and so could not establish possession.

Just keep in mind that this incident was no biggie and that this happened long after the anti-illegals had moved the par-tay down to Wal-Mart. Yeah, the woman shouldn't have pushed Dallacroce. That was a dumb thing to do, especially since Michelle is already exploiting the situation for her own PR purposes. On the other hand, you can't lay this one Reza's lap.

Anti-anchor-baby urban cougar Michelle Dallacroce with her spiffy new loudspeaker.

On a personal note, I'm glad I followed 'em down there. I'd never been to that Wal-Mart before, and I was able to do some Xmas shopping after all the pregnant-lady arrestin' was done.

One last thing, I spoke to some of the American Freedom Riders present and told them that if they could get a recall goin' of the mayor, not only would I support them, I'd encourage all those on the left to do the same. Can you imagine it? It may be the one thing that could get the nativists and immigrants-rights people on the same page -- kicking Mayor Goober to the curb! Dare to dream, people.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...At least they're right about Mayor Goober.

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