Lil Wayne's Going to Jail -- Finally

It's a sad day for somewhat-literate Lil Wayne fans, who often comment on our blogs: Weezie is finally going to jail to begin a year-long jail sentence for gun charges in New York.

Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, was initially supposed to turn himself into authorities on February 10, but because of some pre-incarceration "grill" surgery, the date was pushed back to today.

Wayne took to Twitter to say goodbye to his fans this morning, and it seems that his grasp of written English is about as firm as that of his fans.

"They kant lok up my heart bekuz y'all already have it on lok. ......thank u," Weezie "tweets."

Wayne's year-long jail sentence in New York could just be the beginning of the rapper's time behind bars.

Wayne is set to stand trial later this month in Arizona for unrelated gun and drug charges.

In January 2008, Wayne's tour bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint near Yuma. When border agents searched it, they found
a quarter-pound of marijuana, an ounce of cocaine, and 41 grams of Ecstasy.

They also found an unlicensed handgun.

The guy prosecuting Wayne, Roger Nelson, says the case has been held up because his office won't reduce the charges against the rapper to misdemeanors -- which has made made plea negotiations difficult.

Wayne won't have much time to settle into his new New York digs, though. His trial in Arizona is set for March 30.

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