Maricopa County Craziness

Lisa Aubuchon Files Appeal of Disbarment Order; Maricopa County Supervisors Mulling Whether Public Should Pay Legal Fees for Possible Appeal of Andrew Thomas and Rachel Alexander

Lisa Aubuchon, the former Maricopa deputy county attorney disbarred last week along with her former boss, Andrew Thomas, has filed an appeal with the state Supreme Court.

This afternoon, the county Board of Supervisors is in executive session to decide -- among other things -- whether Thomas and suspended lawyer Rachel Alexander could have any appeals of the disbarment order paid for by the public.

So far, it looks like just Aubuchon has filed an appeal. Her defense is being funded by her Montana lawyer, Ed Moriarity. Documents filed by her on Thursday and released today by the state Supreme Court also ask for an immediate stay of the disbarment order.

Aubuchon argues that there's no need to "protect the public" from her, since she no longer works for the County Attorney's Office. She also says she has "active clients and obligations including pending trials," and therefore her disbarment should be put on hold pending the outcome of the appeal.


Aubuchon's motions are signed by her Montana lawyer, Ed Moriarity. That could explain why Aubuchon was at Friday's job-appeal hearing for Joel Fox, former Sheriff's Office captain whom Moriarity also represents.

When we asked her if she was there to support Fox, who's infamous for his role in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's SCA scandal, she just laughed.

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