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Lisa Aubuchon Law License to be Yanked by July 2; No Stay While She Appeals Disbarment, Court Says

Lisa Aubuchon's law license will be canceled officially as of July 2, the state Supreme Court ruled today.

Aubuchon and former boss, failed politician Andrew Thomas, were disbarred in April following weeks of testimony over the bad decisions they made in their fight with county leaders.

Unlike Thomas, Aubuchon is choosing to appeal the disbarment order. But she wanted to keep her law license active until the appeal process was exhausted.

Last month, Aubuchon won a temporary stay
of her disbarment as the state's High Court decided what to do.

The answer came today, with the Court declining to accept jurisdiction on her petition for special action that sought a longer stay.

The ruling also says that the temporary stay will "automatically dissolve" on July 2.

Aubuchon declined to comment to New Times.

Her former lawyer from Montana, Ed Moriarity, withdrew his pro bono representation of Aubuchon last week, stating that his firm had spent in excess of $100,000 on her case and could afford no more.

Aubuchon's been running a private practice in Tempe since being fired from the county in late 2010.

One of her clients was Jeffrey Hendershott, who was busted for two DUIs in two weeks last summer. He's the son of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's disgraced, former chief deputy, David Hendershott. She seems to have done well by the Hendershott clan, obtaining a sentence for the younger Hendershott that included only one 15-day stint in Arpaio's jail instead of two.

But now Aubuchon will have to find some other way to her bills, which include a $40,000 debt to the federal government in unpaid taxes.

Meanwhile, her appeal of the disbarment order "is still moving on," says Rick DeBruhl, spokesman for the State Bar of Arizona.

After today's smackdown, though, it seems less likely that the state Supreme Court, which will make the ultimate decision in her appeal, will rule in her favor.

Click here to read Aubuchon's filing in its entirety, which includes Dixon's affidavits and statements by her current and former clients.

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