Lisa "Let's Charge the Max `Til We Get the Facts" Aubuchon May Find New Life With Sheriff Joe

We reported yesterday about the inappropriate, unforgivable, thoughtless -- and utterly delicious -- heckling by two county workers of Lisa Aubuchon, a special assistant to departing County Attorney Andy Thomas.

The pair wondered aloud about Aubuchon's job prospects at the County Attorney's Office now that Andy is moving on. 

Aubuchon happened to be walking past them at the time, just outside the county office where has worked so closely with Thomas.

Whoever takes Andy's place won't be able to just fire Aubuchon.

More likely, she would be relegated to a lesser position than "special assistant," maybe special assistant to the assistant who assists the lesser assistant.  

At the end of the blog item, we hypothesized that Aubuchon (whose lack of legal acumen and decision-making prowess has been well-chronicled on this site) would be greeted with open arms by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott (smiling for us in the photo).

After all, she's been carrying Joe's dirty water in one hand and Andy's in the other for a few years now.
It was kind of a throwaway one-liner at the end of a blurb.

Turns out we may have been on the money.

Sources in county government tell us that a top sheriff's official (not Hendershott) has been in recent informal contact with county finance people trying to figure out how to invent a gig for  Aubuchon at the MCSO.

Note to Chief Hendershott and his emissary: You may want to put this one on the back burner for a while. There's much brewing out there legally regarding both your boss and the county attorney right now.

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