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Lori Klein, Anthem Racist, Gets the Carlos Galindo Treatment


Who let this gum-smacking, white trash witch out of her cage?

Oh, do I have a treat for you. Here's a new video from Phoenix activist and radio show host Carlos Galindo of him taking on racist Republican state Senator Lori Klein. In the video, Klein basically admits to telling an American citizen protestor that she should, "Go back to Mexico."

Klein's the wingnut lickspittle whose over-lipsticked gob is SuperGlued to state Senate President Russell Pearce's, um, ring. She's infamous for a reading bogus letter on the Senate floor from bigot-boy substitute teacher Tony Hill, wherein he falsely accuses little kids of making anti-American statements and of aspiring to be gangbangers.

It was later revealed by my colleague Paul Rubin that Hill has a spotty marital history, with a judge awarding custody of his minor kids to their mother. 

The judge noted:

"Father has a history of exploding by verbally calling the minor children vulgar names and using intimidating gestures towards Mother and the children...Father choked Mother at one point and physically abused the family pet in front of the children."

Which, of course, is reminiscent of Russell Pearce's wife LuAnne accusing the now-Senate President of choking her at one point in their marriage. This, from a 1980 petition for dissolution of marriage. The Pearce's are still together, but since this is common knowledge, perhaps Hill felt like Pearce was a kindred spirit, resulting in Hill's e-mail to him.

See, Pearce got Klein to read the letter because she's good like that. Also, she's a bigot just like Pearce. I know because I once observed Klein and her fellow piece of white trash, state Senator Al Melvin, mocking the accent of a Hispanic lobbyist as he testified before the state Senate Appropriations Committee.

In any case, Galindo dogged her mercilessly at the Capitol, as cops watched from nearby. I know a lot of local, pro-immigrant activists despise Galindo for various reasons. But all I've got to say is that the enemy of your enemy is your pal, particularly when he's giving a drubbing to a middle-aged windbag like Klein.

Regarding insensitive statements Galindo's made in the past about the Jewish people, I know that Galindo recently apologized for those statements to Bill Straus of the Arizona ADL when they ran into each other at the state Legislature. 

That doesn't excuse Galindo's words, of course. But it should be taken into consideration when discussing him.

Let's put it this way, if he's sincere in his apology, Galindo will never say anything like that again. By their fruits, ye shall know them.

I don't agree with all of Galindo's words or methods. Not by a long shot. And I didn't agree with him going after Democratic state Senator Kyrsten Sinema in the manner that he did. I thought the attacks were unfair, and still do.

But, when Galindo's messing with the right folks, as he did recently with the Phoenix police union PLEA, I can't argue with him. 

Also, I like the credit at the end of this video where he states, "Filmed on location [at] the Pit of Hell called the Arizona state Capitol."

Heh, good one, dude.

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