Los Suns Forward Jared Dudley Doesn't Like SB 1070 -- Ya Know, That Bill "the Mayor" Signed...Yeah

 professional athletes should just shut the fuck up about politics and play sports: Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley.

Between games one and two of the Western Conference Finals, Dudley used his time in Los Angeles to drop by TMZ to discuss -- among other things, such as guarding Kobe Bryant, who happened to score 40 points the night before -- Arizona's controversial new immigration law.

Check out how Dudley opened his remarks on AZ's new statute, and the Suns decision to throw itself into the middle of a political debate, after the jump:

"I think for one, with the law being changed, or a the mayor signing off on it... I think the owner came into the locker room and said he wanted us to support it, or basically disagree with it -- he basically gave us the option to say if we disagree."

Dudley, like maybe all of the Suns, disagrees with the law, though we doubt owner Robert Sarver said he wanted the Suns to support the statute, as Dudley bumble-speaks. The whole point of wearing the Los Suns jerseys was to protest 1070. 

Also the mayor of Phoenix (we presume that's who he means), Phil Gordon, opposes the law. Dudley Dowrong, it was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who signed the bill into law (it hasn't taken effect yet and may not for a long time, or ever, because of lawsuits against it).

Maybe if Dudley and the Suns spent more time practicing rebounding while in La-La Land than analyzing controversial political issues, they wouldn't have been embarrassed by the Lakers again last night. 

Unfortunately it's not just athletes who find it appropriate to criticize Arizona's law without knowing too much about. High-level, government officials like Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder have both criticized the bill, although, they each admit they haven't actually read it.

Check out Dudley's complete interview here

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