Love Phoenix Or Leave Phoenix

Last week we asked why Phoenicians elect to stay in this dusty desert instead of heading out into the world. Check out this first entry from Phoenician and New Times reader Stephanie Christenholz:

I work in fashion and often I have to take a deep breath when defending Phoenix. I work with a lot of sales reps who reside in California and as soon as I say that my store in is Phoenix, I either get a look of death or disgust. The comments pour out: It is so hot, it is so brown, there is crazy weather there, are you close to Scottsdale?, etc. etc.

I HEART Phoenix. I was not born here but I moved here when I was six months old. I have traveled through Europe, lived in London and LA but choose to reside here in Phoenix. There are so many amazing things about this state and about this city. I love how this city is transforming and growing and I love the energy from the people who love it here.

A lot of people don't get why it is great to live here. I love how at night I can actually go outside and see the stars, without the disturbances of pollution or city lights, I love that I can get in and out of a parking lot quickly, I love the cost of living here, and I LOVE the desert. To people who comment on the weather, dryness, and scorpions, last I checked this is the Sonoran desert. The summer is going to be hot as hell and there are spiders, coyotes, and scorpions. But that comes with the territory. This desert is magical and the mountains are amazing.

As many people have said, "Love Phoenix, or Leave Phoenix." I love Phoenix!

- Stephanie Christenholz

Why do you love Phoenix? Let us know by mailing us at loveitorleaveit@newtimes.com

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