Lt. Mike Stauffer, Candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff, to Field Your Questions Tonight on Hair on Fire

For the average (pardon the pun) Joe, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's a hard guy to get a hold of. As for his opponent in next year's GOP primary for sheriff, Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer: not so much.

Stauffer, in our experience, welcomes any question thrown at him. He doesn't sugarcoat his responses, either -- regardless of whether he thinks you'll like the answer.

Tonight, Stauffer will appear on Barbara Espinosa's radio show Hair on Fire on KFNX-1100AM from 7-8 p.m. He'll be fielding questions from the audience and he's asking New Times readers to call in.

"I hope to hear from you," Stauffer says in an email to New Times. "I would like to address the many questions and controversies surrounding the current administration, why I am running for sheriff of Maricopa County in 2012, and how I will bring professionalism back to the MCSO."

To reach Stauffer on the radio tonight, call 602-277-KFNX. More info can be found on the KFNX website, which you can access by clicking here.

If you're unable to connect with Stauffer on the radio tonight, you can ask him questions on his Facebook page.

Also, New Times will be hosting an online Town Hall-style meeting on our website tomorrow. Here's how it's gonna work: you post questions for Stauffer in the comment section of the post, and he'll answer as many as he can in 24 hours. We'll post some of the highlights in a separate post on Friday morning.

It should be noted that we extended an invitation to Arpaio to participate in the discussion -- (ahem) shockingly, he declined.

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