Luna Fitness of Tempe Settles Federal Lawsuit With Clif Bar, Gets to Keep Name and Logo

Tempe's Luna Fitness can keep its name and logo, thanks to a settlement last week in a federal trademark lawsuit against the small gym by Clif Bar, the maker of Luna Bar energy snacks.

The gym's been fighting the energy-bar giant in court for almost a year. As we reported last April, Clif Bar alleged that Luna Fitness' name and crescent-moon logo too closely resembled Luna Bar's brand. Clif Bar demanded that Luna Fitness change its name and designs, plus pay unspecified damages.

In a statement to New Times, Luna Fitness co-owner Ken Roberts writes that it was with "exceeding joy, thankfulness and relief" that the company greeted news that it could stick with the name it has used for almost a decade.

"After standing our ground, we are very pleased to announce that Luna Fitness will be proceeding forward with all of our plans, keeping our name, logo, and brand intact," Roberts wrote, reserving special thanks for his Phoenix lawyer, Brad Hartman.

The "Luna" name wasn't picked at random -- it symbolizes the gym's programs that try to sync workouts with a woman's menstrual cycle. At least Luna Fitness won't need to consider the snarky, alternate names we mentioned in our previous post.

Roberts continued with a message for anyone feeling like their problems are overwhelming:

There are times when it feels like your opponents are too big, the task too hard, the costs too high. There are those who will tell you that you simply "can't", and even revel in your plight. Of course, you could give up. Many do. Or - you can Stand Up. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for who you are. Stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. Just stand up. You will be glad you did.

The gym, located at 975 E Elliot Road, will celebrate the settlement with a party on March 30.

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