Feathered Bastard

Lynx and Lamb Gaede, the neo-Nazi Olsen twins and their wack-job mother.

The prejudiced pixies of Prussian Blue...

Thanks to my pals at the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog for pointing out this brilliant new documentary from British TV Nazi Pop Twins about the infamous white pride duo Prussian Blue, made up of 15-year-old fraternal twins Lynx and Lamb Gaede. The Gaedes are sort of the Olsen twins of the white power movement in America, and the doc is a revealing look inside all of the family drama associated with Lynx, Lamb and their nasty bigot wench of a mom April.

The flick's a bit like a reality show. Filmmaker James Quinn manages to catch April, Lynx, Lamb and their extended family in unguarded moments, revealing the growing conflict in the family between mom April and Lynx and Lamb, who desire a more normal existence apart from the racism of their youthful, pro-Nazi image, an image engineered by their domineering, hate-filled 'rent.

As Quinn states during the doc,

"I was beginning to suspect that the twins weren't the angry Nazis that public image had led me to believe. But rather a mouthpiece for their mom's extreme political views, perhaps an increasingly reluctant one."

Indeed, one of the twins tells the filmmaker, "I wouldn't even consider myself a white nationalist," much to the horror of her troglodyte mum. And those smiley-face Hitler tees? The girls tell their disheartened mother that they've thrown them away.

The creepiest part of the doc comes as Lynx and Lamb have a conference call with imprisoned white supremacist David Lane, founder of The Order, who at the age of 69 considers Prussian Blue to be his "fantasy sweethearts." It's almost like the dood's beating off as he chats with the blond-haired, blue-eyed pair. Lane died shortly thereafter, reportedly due to an epileptic seizure. Cause and effect, anyone? Best not to mess with the jailbait when you're a geezer, fellas.

My prediction is that these girls will eventually separate themselves from their mother altogether, cease their "career" as Prussian Blue, and end up living out their days as relatively quiet hausfraus somewhere. It's either that, or neo-Nazi porn once they turn 18. Let the Olsen-like countdown to maturity begin!

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