Man Robs Mesa Dollar Store. Yeah... a Dollar Store

For anyone in the armed-robbery biz, here's a tip: try robbing a store where the highest-priced item costs more than a buck.

That said, after apparently weighing his options of which store to rob at gunpoint, a thief in Mesa settled on the Family Dollar Store near Broadway and Dobson roads.

According to Mesa police, the unidentified suspect entered the store about 3:30 p.m. yesterday and told the cashier to "give me all the money in the register."

He then pulled up his shirt to show the cashier a black handgun stashed in his waistband.

The cashier handed over the cash, and the robber took off on foot.

Mesa Detective Mike Melendez tells New Times that it's unclear how much money the thief got away with. Again, however, it's a dollar store, not a bank -- in other words, it probably wasn't much.

The suspect is described as a black male, 25 years old, 5-foot-7, with a goatee, and wearing a towel around his neck.

Anyone with information is asked to call Mesa police.

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