Man Uses Mirror to Look Up Shoppers Skirts at Tempe Marketplace

For women doing any last-minute Christmas shopping, you may want to consider wearing pants next time you're shopping at the Target in Tempe Marketplace.

Tempe police arrested a man that has been walking around the store using a mirror to look up women's skirts, which is frankly one of the more creative methods of perving we've heard of in a while.

On Friday, police arrested 37-year-old Jason Michael Cottis on one felony count of Surreptitious Viewing.

Police say Cottis would go into the store, take one of the smaller hand baskets, and place a mirror in it. He would then walk around the store and set it down next to women wearing skirts in a feeble attempt to get a glance at their goods.


Unfortunately for Cottis, Target's eye-in-the-sky was hip to his scheme and security officers were watching him the whole time.

Security staff called the police, who slapped the cuffs on Cottis and put an end to his little panty-party.

This wasn't the first time Cottis used reflective measures to take a gander up a lady's skirt. Police say Cottis was seen in the same store six times in the last two years, using the same method. Each time, however, he managed to get out of the store before police got there.

Cottis was arrested and booked into the Tempe City Jail.  

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