Johnny "Irish" McNeel may want to retreat to the wilderness of the "928" because people are looking for him here in the "480." Dumbass.
Johnny "Irish" McNeel may want to retreat to the wilderness of the "928" because people are looking for him here in the "480." Dumbass.

Man With Extremely Stupid Face Tattoos Sought Following Officer Involved Shooting *UPDATED*

UPDATED: Tatooey's been caught. That didn't take long. Click here for details.

Before today, if we saw a man on the street with "480" tattooed on his chin, we'd probably take a second look, think to ourselves "wow, that's the dumbest f***ing tattoo we've ever seen," and carry on with our day. Now, however, we'd do the same thing -- only replace "carry on with our day" with "and then call the cops" because a guy with that stupid tattoo is wanted for trying to shoot a law enforcement official this morning.

The man to the right is 32-year-old Johnny Shane McNeel, a.k.a. "Irish," and police are looking for him after they say he tried to shoot an MCSO deputy near 98th Street and Coralbelle -- near Crismon and Broadway roads -- about 1 a.m today.

MCSO Sergeant Jesse Spurgin tells New Times the deputy recognized McNeel as someone sought by authorities when he saw him walking down the street -- so he stopped him.

Spurgin says there's currently a warrant out for his arrest for misconduct with a weapon. McNeel has a lengthy criminal history that's landed him as a guest of both the state and the county in the past -- he was recently released from county jail, Spurgin says.

When the deputy stopped him, a fight broke out, which ended when McNeel took out a gun and pulled the trigger. The gun, Spurgin says, jammed, and a bullet was never fired.

As McNeel pulled his gun, the deputy drew and fired his as well. The deputy's gun didn't jam, but it's unclear whether McNeel was hit.

McNeel managed to get away after the scuffle. The MCSO and the Mesa Police Department searched for him but were unable to track him down. Now they need the public's help in locating him.

Spurgin says McNeel doesn't have a permanent address but is known to reside in the area near where he tried to shoot the deputy.

He's described as a white male, 6-foot-2, 190 pounds, and has "480" tattooed on his chin.

The "480," Spurgin says, is a reference to the Valley's 480 area code.

McNeel is said to be armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office at 602-876-1011.

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