ManBearPig? Not in Arizona! Legislature Passes Embarrassing Bill Outlawing "Human-Animal Hybrids"

The Arizona Legislature finally has tackled the super-cereal business of making sure that the likes of South Park's infamous "ManBearPig" have no place in the Grand Canyon State.

A ManBearPig -- as described by "Al Gore" on the show -- is half man, half bear, and half pig.

While there may be a minor snafu with the math involved with ManBearPig, creatures similar to the legendary South Park beast are apparently such a problem in Arizona that state lawmakers (you know, the boobs who gave us SB 1070) passed a law making their creation illegal.

That sound you may be hearing right now isn't the roar of a Centaur, it's the rest of the country continuing to LOL at the expense of Arizona.

See, the Arizona Senate passed a bill yesterday that makes it illegal to "intentionally or knowingly create a human-animal hybrid."

SB 1307 makes it a class-six felony to knowingly create such a hybrid during research and class-one misdemeanor to buy or sell a human-animal embryo.

The bill was created by Senator Linda Gray and co-sponsored by the who's-who of the knuckle-dragging Republican legislators in the Arizona Senate, including the architect of SB 1070, Russell Pearce.

We called Senator Gray to find out what mythical planet she thinks she's living on why there's a need for such a bill, but she never got back to us.

The bill passed the Senate with a 16-12 vote and awaits a full vote in the House of Representatives after it was passed in a House panel.

To see how your state senator voted on this time-waster, click here.

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