Marc Bulger to Arizona Cardinals Rumor Proves False; QB Signs With Baltimore Ravens

Any hopes of former St. Louis Cardinals quarterback Marc Bulger coming to Phoenix to fill the leadership void left by the retirement of Kurt Warner can now come to a rest -- Bulger inked a deal with the Baltimore Ravens yesterday.

The terms of deal haven't been made public, but assuming Bulger can pass a physical, he'll compete for a spot to backup Ravens QB Joey Flacco.

The word on the street last month was that the Cardinals' coaching staff was less-than thrilled with the performances of the quarterbacks they already have, Matt Leinart and the team's new, $7.25 million-dollar-man, Derek Anderson, and were looking to sign a more seasoned quarterback.

According to the Word From the Birds blog, on the Cards' Web site, Bulger made "so much more sense" for the team than another possibility: Former Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell.

The rumor was that the Cardinals hoped to do with Bulger what they did with Kurt Warner and re-invent an older quarterback with a stalled career.

Bulger, who spent the last eight seasons with the Rams, is said to be familiar with the Cards' system, so it would have been an easy transition for the 33-year-old.

The Cards will now have to either go back to the drawing board and find another stagnant career to hopefully re-energize or stick with Leinart and Anderson -- as painful as that may turn out to be.

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