Maricopa County Attorney's Office Files Child-Abuse Charges Against Escort Who Left 2-Year-Old Locked in Closet

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office today announced charges against the Mesa mom who left her 2-year-old son locked in a closet while she went to work.

Corrina Davis, 21, faces two counts of felony child abuse after her son was found in the closet by a county constable, who entered her apartment to evict her.

A probable-cause statement filed when Davis was arrested says, when the boy was found, he was covered in bruises on his face, ears, and hip and that he also had a chipped tooth.

Davis may also have some explaining to do over an ad she posted on the Web site, where she bills herself as an escort named "Barbie."

More troubling than the naked pictures of herself that she includes in the ad is the fact that she was apparently trying to conduct some of her escorting business from her home, where she allegedly kept the 2-year-old living the closet. In her ad, she offers a reduced rate of 200 "roses" for an "incall."

Davis' Myspace page may spell even more trouble for the young mother, who used the social-networking site to post pictures of herself doing bong hits.

Deputy County Attorney Rebekah Prichard will be prosecuting the case, and as you may have expected, County Attorney Andrew Thomas wasn't gonna let a case like this slip past him without offering his prepared two-cents:

"We appreciate the quick thinking of a local constable and Mesa Police in rescuing this child. Sadly, we see far too many cases in which young children are left home alone, or worse. The dedicated prosecutors in our Family Violence Bureau are there to make certain that crimes such as these have consequences for the defendants."

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