Maricopa County Jury About to Determine Cop Killer Donnie Delahanty's Fate

A Maricopa County jury is expected to resume deliberations later this afternoon, this time to determine if cop-killer Donnie Delahanty should get the death penalty for murdering Phoenix officer David Uribe (in the photo).

Earlier this month, the panel convicted the 22-year-old of shooting the veteran officer to death during a routine traffic stop on May 10, 2005, near the intersection of 35th Avenue and Cactus. Delahanty was the front-seat passenger in a car driven by Christopher Wilson.

Wilson pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree murder and testified against Delahanty.   


A defense attorney for Delahanty just completed his opening statement in the penalty phase of the proceedings, and will get a final chance to try to convince jurors to spare his client's life sometime later today. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Warren Granville is presiding.

New Times told the tale of Officer Uribe's senseless and brutal death in its "Murder City" series, published in 2006.

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