Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Probable Cause

At the end of the week, we bring you a roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail. To be considered for our Maricopa County mugshots of the week, get arrested, strike a pose, and we'll take care of the rest.

This week, all of our alleged offenders have some, um, unique features. We try to guess the probable cause of those features. Enjoy.


Charges: Dangerous-drug possession
Is this a natural color, or did she get kidnapped and repeatedly sent through the hot-pink crayon machine at the Crayola factory?


Charges: Possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended license, failure to show driver's license
♫ Na na na na na na na na na na ♫
♫ Na na na na na na na na na na ♫


Charges: Possession of narcotic drugs
That moment when you're so high on drugs that you just get chickenpox.


Charges: Assault, disorderly conduct
Founding member, Sticky Bandits


Charges: Disorderly conduct
Back-of-the-neck tattoo: "Don't forget to get your prescriptions filled at Walgreens™"


Charges: Shoplifting
Date of birth: July 4, 1872
Occupation: Blacksmith


Charges: Dangerous-drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia
Because CONNECTICUT just doesn't have the same effect.


Charges: Probation violation, dangerous-drug possession, credit-card theft, marijuana possession
You do realize Sharpie makes fine-point markers, right?


Charges: Possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, possession of a defaced deadly weapon, marijuana possession
Person, but also a snow cone.


Charges: Possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, possession of a weapon in a drug offense, marijuana possession for sale, theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, threats, false reporting to law enforcement
Sigh. It's hard to see exactly what it says on this guy's forehead, but we'll tell you how police read it: "Probable cause."

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