Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: This Isn't GQ

At the end of the week, we bring you a roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail. To be considered for our Maricopa County mugshots of the week, get arrested, strike a pose, and we'll take care of the rest.

This week, we found some inmates you'll never see on the pages of GQ magazine.


Charges: Theft Keeping the Jersey Shore legacy alive. Gym, tan, laundry!


Charges: Marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to appear


Charges: Narcotic-drug possession, theft, burglary Looks like someone celebrated Kevin Harvick's Sprint Cup championship a little too hard.


Charges: Possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, dangerous-drug possession, aggravated DUI, unlawful flight from law enforcement, possession of drug paraphernalia What is that? A straw hat? The worlds crustiest lips?


Charges: Probation violation

  • Ears hang low
  • Wobble to and fro
  • Can tie in a knot
  • Can tie in a bow
  • Can throw over shoulder
  • Like continental soldier
  • Ears hang low


Charges: Criminal trespassing, theft Please put that away.


Charges: Theft from vulnerable adult Bet you didn't know about that Coneheads sequel.


Charges: Failure to appear First name: Dennis


Charges: Robbery It's like having two beards.


Charges: Aggravated assault, burglary, failure to appear Surprise colonoscopy!

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