Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Pulls the Plug on Inmates' Tampon Drug-Smuggling Scheme

​It's that time of the month for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office jail staff, who uncovered an inmate scheme of smuggling drugs into the jails through tampon deliveries.

The Sheriff's Office is happy to report  that they "dashed the plans of some inmates to get high on heroin and the new popular drug called spice."

Jail staff acquired some intelligence today that several inmates planned to get heroin and the now-illegal spice through a delivery of tampons to an East Valley food bank where several inmates were working, according to MCSO officials.

The Jail Special Response Team made the run over to the food bank, where members found a few grams of heroin and spice wrapped in balloons inside tampon tubes.

The MCSO says the two inmates suspected of being behind the plan "were rolled up and charged with conspiracy to possess contraband."

Not too much of a distraction from that $99.5 million Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio reportedly misspent, but it's a distraction, nonetheless.

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