Maricopa County Supervisors Trying to Destroy Grand Jury Process, Says County Attorney

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas says the county Board of Supervisors has launched a new lawsuit that aims to "destroy the sanctity of the grand jury."

We haven't seen the other side of this one yet, but Thomas' office says the lawsuit filed on Friday in Superior Court seeks to prohibit him from convening a grand jury "to investigate or prosecute any member of the Board of Supervisors or any other county employee for any crime."

Click here for Thomas' news release.

Let's hope no county employee gets picked up for shoplifting anytime soon. Trying cases with special prosecutors can get expensive.

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: Response from County

Cari Gerchick, spokesperson for the county Office of General Litigation Services, says Thomas incorrectly characterized the action as a lawsuit, when really it's a "notice/motion to the court." She goes on to write that,

Their press release is pure fiction.

Here is a statement.

We want to make sure that the "DC attorneys," who have not been properly procured by the County Attorney, do not appear in a grand jury or any other setting given that such appearance is unlawful for a number of reasons. We respect the operation of the Grand Jury process and want the Criminal Court to be aware that the County Attorney could be facilitating unlawful appearances and believe the Board's motion protects and serves the sanctity of the Grand Jury process. Any other characterization of the County's act is yet another cowardly attack by the County Attorney's Office on those legal professionals who respect the rule of law.

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