Maricopa Mom Leads Police on Chase -- With Three Kids in the Car

A Maricopa mom in a pickup truck led police on a chase through north Scottsdale yesterday morning resulting in multiple wrecks, injured police officers, and the woman getting Tasered -- all with three kids in the truck.

The wild ride started about 6 a.m. when a Scottsdale police officer watched 29-year-old Rebekah Lynn Corwin in a parking lot near Carefree Highway and Scottsdale Road. According to police, Corwin didn't know where she was and appeared confused.

When the officer approached Corwin's truck, she revved her engine and rammed it into the police cruiser, barely missing the officer.

A Maricopa County sheriff's deputy saw what was going on and tried to block Corwin from leaving the parking lot. She had other plans -- Corwin rammed the deputy's cruiser and headed south on Scottsdale Road.

After ramming two police officers, and leaving the parking lot, Corwin crashed into a gate at a private community south of the Carefree Highway. She briefly drove through the neighborhood before hitting another cop car as she tried to exit through the same gate through which she had just crashed.

Corwin then headed north on Scottsdale Road, but cops were waiting -- with spike strips.

With the tires of the truck flattened by the spike strips, Corwin lost control and wrecked -- but she wasn't going out without a fight.

When officers approached the car, Corwin put up a struggle prompting officers to use a Taser to get her to calm down.

KPHO caught up with Corwin's stepmother, who says a lack of sleep might be to blame for her stepdaughter's bizarre actions.

From KPHO:

Corwin's stepmother, Catherine Corwin, told CBS 5 News that Rebekah was last seen at a T-ball game with her kids on Saturday.

"When you would go talk with her, she'd be real snappy with you and at one point she was sitting there staring off into space." Catherine Corwin said.

Catherine Corwin said the past two nights her stepdaughter received very little sleep because Rebekah's biological mother was coming in from out-of-state to visit.

Corwin is described by family as a loving mother and they don't know of any reasons that could explain why she acted the way she did Sunday.

"We don't know if she got scared. We don't know if it was sleep deprivation. We'd really like to see more than someone put in front of a judge because of her actions and have someone take a medical look at her and see if there was something else going on," Catherine Corwin said.

In total, two police officers were injured during the incident and four Scottsdale police cars were damaged.

The three kids in the truck with Corwin, ages 2, 4, and 11, were unharmed.

Corwin was booked into Scottsdale City Jail and now faces charges of aggravated assault, hit-and-run, endangerment, and other charges.

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