Marijuana and Watermelons Redux, Redux; More Than 500 Pounds of Weed Found in Truck Carrying Watermelons -- Again

For some reason, moving weed with trucks full of watermelons is a big hit with drug dealers. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be a very effective method of transport.

For the third time in less than a year, a huge amount of marijuana was found hidden among watermelons in the back of a truck.

The first weed-melon truck was discovered near New River in May 2009, when law enforcement discovered 508 pounds of chronic. The second happened about two weeks ago, when officers found about 9,500 pounds.  

The latest weed-melon attempt wasn't as bold as trying to move 9,500 pounds of weed in a watermelon truck, but it's still a notable score for law enforcement.

Department of Public Safety officers discovered 506 pounds of weed in the back of a commercial tractor-trailer Tuesday morning just north of Cordes Junctions.

Officers stopped the rig for several equiptment violations. After getting consent to search the truck, officers discovered the weed wrapped in wallpaper in the load of watermelons.

Cops estimated the street value of the weed is $278,300.

The driver, Norvin Ennis, 25, of Springfield Gardens, New York, and Kevin Akeal Henry, 30 of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, were arrested and booked into the Yavapai County Jail on charges of possession and transportation of narcotic drugs for sale. The drugs and commercial vehicle were seized.


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