Allan Sobol
Allan Sobol
Image: Jamie Peachey

Marijuana Dispensary Promoter Says Backers of Prop 203 in Collusion with State to Toughen New Law

Marijuana business marketer Al Sobol and local doctor Edgar Suter have teamed up to declare a war, of sorts, against the state and backers of Proposition 203, whom they accuse of plotting to toughen up the new law.

In a letter e-mailed to the Arizona Department of Health that copies much of the same language used in Suter's critical e-mail yesterday, Sobol claims that DHS is in "collusion" with the Marijuana Policy Project, the group that put Prop 203 on the ballot by funding the expensive signature-gathering process.

DHS Director Will Humble and Andrew Myers, spokesmen for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project, both denied any such collusion.

Sobol's e-mail, (see below), doesn't contain any hard evidence of a link between the MPP and DHS. He claims that people affiliated with the MPP suggested verbiage for DHS' proposed rules on Prop 203. Humble says most of the text was lifted from medical marijuana regulations in other states, and some written by his staff without input from anyone associated with marijuana-related businesses.

The competition for dispensaries must really be heating up out there.

Formal Response to AZDHS[1]

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