Marijuana-Laced Birthday Cake Leads to High Times at Cactus Shadows High School; 18-Year-Old Suspect Arrested


A birthday cake loaded with marijuana buzzed up two inexperienced teens at a north Valley high school this week, sending them to the office with complaints of "strange feelings."

The cake-and-bake incident began at Cactus Shadows High School about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Scottsdale police say.

Two students, ages 16 and 18, told officials they felt funny, that their hearts were racing. They denied taking any drugs but mentioned they'd had a piece of birthday cake. A drug test at Thompson Peak Hospital showed evidence of THC, pot's active ingredient, in their systems.

Meanwhile, Scottsdale police investigators found five other students who had eaten the cake, but none of them required medical attention, a police news release says.

Of course they didn't need medical attention -- it was just pot.

Cops also managed to find the student "Ace of Cakes" who had supplied the naughty treat: John Stropko, 18, was arrested at his Carefree home. He admitted to distributing the cake and was released after being booked on suspicion of endangerment, police say.




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