Marines vs. TSA at Sky Harbor: Whose Story Are You Buyin'?

This week's everyone-hates-the-TSA story comes from Phoenix's own Sky Harbor airport, where a group of Marines claim TSA agents humiliated one of a fellow Marine.

According to multiple press accounts, one Marine claims that a 22-year-old Marine who lost his legs due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan was supposedly told by TSA agents to remove his prosthetic legs before being told to put them on again and walk through a body scanner.

According to what one of the man's friends told 3TV, he "just had his legs blown off," so he can't really walk.

According to ABC News, "TSA spokesman David Castelveter said the tapes of the incident have been reviewed and at no point did the Marine ever remove his prosthetic legs. He also said the eight-minute video showed nothing out of the ordinary and said the screeners who performed the screening are military veterans, including one who was a Marine."

A TSA employee also told 3TV that there was "no footage is available showing the area in which the Marine claims to have taken his prosthetic legs off," but all the employees say it didn't happen.

So, if you had to venture a guess, who's story are you buying?

Cast your vote below:

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Matthew Hendley
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