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Mark Brnovich Condemns Sterilization Comments by Russell Pearce (w/Update on Doug Ducey and Others Joining Chorus)

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Brnovich's statement reads:

"Recent comments made by Russell Pearce regarding the forced sterilization of women are unrepresentative of the Republican Party I know. The notion that government would force sterilization upon anyone is counter to everything I believe about individual liberty and contrary to the founding principles of a free nation.

"My family knows something about government tyranny. In the 1950s, my mother fled the horrors of communism in Yugoslavia, and her first-hand experiences have helped shape my core beliefs in a government that is effective, efficient and limited.

"Comments that demean the plight of the poor, including women in the dual role of mother and economic provider, are not conservative; they're cruel. And I reject them. It is one of the great failings of the Obama administration and, truthfully, our society as a whole, that so many in our nation have grown dependent upon government subsidy and support. But the path to self-sufficiency lies in economic opportunity and personal responsibility, not shame."

Brnovich's release follows on the heels of GOP strategist Sean Noble's statements on Twitter that Pearce should "resign or be removed" from the post of first vice chair.

Pearce has held the position since being elected to it by the state Republican committee in 2012.

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However, Brnovich, who recently beat incumbent AG Tom Horne in their party's August 26 primary, stopped short of calling for Pearce to resign.

As I first reported my weekly column, Pearce's comments came during his regular Saturday talk radio broadcast on KKNT 960 AM, as he went on a jeremiad about the evils of public assistance in all of its forms.

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