Mark Chilton, Mayor in North Carolina, to Jared Loughner: [email protected]#% You

A North Carolina mayor is catching hell for writing on his Facebook page something that millions probably would love to tell Jared Lee Loughner to his face.

News that Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others, including a little girl, had been shot by a gun-wielding madman last week brought feelings of sorrow and rage to many Americans. Mayor Mark Chilton of Carrboro, North Carolina, didn't hold back when punching his keyboard:

Shooter, you probably think you did this for your country, but like Timothy McVeigh you are America's worst enemy. You don't deserve the kind of civilized trial and punishment that you will end up with. Fuck you.

His vulgar, (yet strangely satisfying) comments have "ignited a free speech debate" in his town, according to UPI.

The mayor's standing by his "choice of words."

Fuckin' A, Mayor.

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