Mark Grace and Daron Sutton Being Replaced by Bob Brenly and ESPN's Steve Berthiaume

For fans of erstwhile D-backs broadcasting tandem Mark Grace and Daron Sutton, there was probably a low likelihood of being impressed with their replacements.

Touché, Arizona Diamondbacks, touché.

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The Diamondbacks are bringing in former manager Bob Brenly as the analyst, and ESPN's Steve Berthiaume for play-by-play.

Brenly -- who, of course, led the Diamondbacks to a World Series win in 2001 -- had been working as an analyst for the Chicago Cubs.

Berthiaume, who's been working on ESPN's Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight, also has experience doing play-by-play for MLB games shown on ESPN.

According to MLB.com, Grace was let go because his contract expired, and Sutton "was not invited back" to the team.

In reality, Gracie left after getting his second DUI arrest mid-season, and said he was going to "seek personal assistance."

Sutton, on the other hand, was let go for "philosophical differences" with the team, and the rumors are that he just had too many fight-the-power moments with the team's front office.

Either way, they're both out, and some of the fans who criticized Grace for being a little too goofy might appreciate Brenly, who's a little more sedated.

And thankfully, someone made a list of Berthiaume catch-phrases on Wikipedia, so you might get a taste of what's to come next season.

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