Feathered Bastard

Mark Krikorian, Bishop Nevares, Others Engage in "Oxford-Style" Debate on Immigration at Rio Salado CC Saturday

Immigration? Yeah, that's the big issue everyone's forgotten about, considering that the U.S. Senate bill on immigration is swimming about as fast as as a flounder in the mud toward realization.

The hope is that the U.S. House will take another stab at offering up its version, or versions, next year sometime. And who knows, with Republicans and Democrats getting together on the budget recently, maybe the Rs will ease up on the undocumented for a change and agree to a deal.

Or, not. Either way, the issue ain't going anywhere anytime soon, which is one reason why the group Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform is holding an "Oxford-style" debate this Saturday at Rio Salado Community College between those who want something like the Gang of Eight's bill, and those who do not.

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