Matt Salmon's Gay Son Totally Fine With Congressman's Anti-Gay Beliefs

It's difficult to listen to Republican Congressman Matt Salmon's gay son explain his relationship with his father.

See, he says their relationship is better than ever, but Congressman Salmon doesn't think his son should be allowed to marry a man -- and his son claims to be fine with that. Even if he did marry a man, it would be just fine if his congressman dad just didn't show up -- he doesn't want that "burden" on his parents.

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The Salmons have been in the news recently due to Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman's changing his stance on gay marriage because of his gay son but Congressman Salmon's maintaining his opposition it.

"My son is by far one of the most important people in my life," Salmon recently told KTVK-TV. "I love him more than I can say . . . I'm just not there as far as believing in my heart that we should change 2,000 years of social policy in favor of a redefinition of the family. I'm not there."

Any relationship his son has is just second rate, apparently.

But his son, Matt R. Salmon, says it's not that big a deal.

Appearing on 12 News Sunday, the younger Salmon said he just doesn't understand how people "jump to the conclusion that he's anti-gay, he's a bigot," just because he doesn't support same-sex marriage.

He said his relationship with his father is as good as ever, and claimed that MSNBC and CNN recently canceled interviews with him because he wouldn't trash-talk his dad.

Salmon defended his father, saying that Senator Portman's son had been out for a longer period of time -- he added that he "can't expect anybody to do it overnight."

The last question from 12 News' Brahm Resnik was whether Salmon expected his parents to attend his (hypothetical) wedding.

"I hope that they do," Salmon said. "I'm not going to lay that burden on them, but I hope that they do.

He added, "I'm not going to make it a big deal."

You're getting married to the one person in the world that you love? Gee, what a burden for your parents.

Watch the video below, and you decide whether it's pathetic, or just sad:

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