Matthew Lesko -- Of Question-Mark-Covered-Suits Fame -- Tweets In On Latest McCain Ad

If the whole U.S. Senate thing doesn't work out for former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, he should find some solace in the fact that his work as a TV pitchman -- namely his pimping of "horse-love repellent" in a John McCain campaign ad -- is getting noticed by some of the big-shots in the infomercial biz.

Matthew Lesko, made famous by the nerdy question-mark-covered suits he wears while hawking free government money -- and screaming like a maniac for no apparent reason -- was so impressed that he was featured in the ad that he's pimping it on his Twitter page.

If you haven't seen the ad, you can check it out after the jump.

The ad is shot at Hayworth's gig as a pitchman for a now-bankrupt  company offering ways for customers to get their hands on "free government money," which, when promoting yourself as "the consistent conservative" -- as Hayworth does -- isn't gonna score you a lot of
points in a Republican primary.

Hayworth has since apologized to his supporters for his role in the infomercial and has criticized the McCain campaign, saying the ad is "unbecoming of a senator."

Hayworth may be right. We polled readers to see if they agreed that the ad was "unbecoming of a senator" and the majority said yes. However, they also said making an ad that makes fun of someone for starring in an infomercial isn't nearly as "unbecoming" as starring in one.

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