Matthew Williams Got Drunk and Tried to Pick Fights -- While Wielding a Gun and His Dead Father's MCSO Badge

Thirty-four-year-old Matthew Williams got cut off from the booze last night at a Chandler bar after getting into a verbal spat with another bar-goer.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Williams left the joint after the bartender said she was holding on to his credit card and calling the cops, but Williams decided to come back -- with a gun and his dead father's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office badge.

Williams displayed the badge and gun in an attempt to get his card back, but the bar staff just told him they were calling the cops again.

He then got into an argument with someone at a Little Caesars Pizza because the guy "yelled at his dog."

When the guy told Williams he probably shouldn't have a gun, police say he said something similar to "I have a badge, too," showing off the badge belonging to his father, a former sheriff's deputy.

According to police, Williams then handed the loaded 9mm handgun over to the guy he was arguing with, in an attempt to start a physical fight with him.

Williams told the man he was going to "knock [him] out," but he left after an employee at the store called 9-1-1.

Somebody recognized Williams, and police detained him at his house.

Williams admitted to pulling the gun -- which didn't even belong to him -- as well as just handing the gun over to someone he decided to argue with at Little Caesars.

Williams isn't allowed to have a gun, either, since there's an order of protection on his preventing him from possessing one.

He claimed he thought the order had expired, which police say is incorrect.

Williams said he'd consumed three shots and "several beers" over a couple of hours, and admitted that he'd "gotten out of control."

Williams was booked into jail on three counts of disorderly conduct with a weapon, impersonating an officer, and failing to comply with a court order.

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