Mayor Gordon Continues Phoenix's Transformation into a "Green" Utopia Tonight By Going to First Friday and Changing Some Light Bulbs

How many Mayors does it take to change a light bulb? Only one if he's got a dauntingly cliche plan to make his city "the greenest city in America."

As part of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's "17 point green plan" to "green up" Phoenix, the city will be testing new light-emitting diodes in Phoenix streetlights starting today.

The new bulbs need much less power than the ones in the streetlights currently, and could potentially save the city a little coin if it turns out they work properly.

Rather than simply installing the bulbs, and seeing the savings, the politically savvy mayor is going to "unveil" the project to his loyal subjects at the First Friday Art Walk, and let them marvel in his eco-conscious deportment.

"Our current streetlight technology has advanced about as far as it can," Gordon says. "With efficient, cost-effective LED lights now available, this fits right in with our plans to make Phoenix the greenest city in America."

Umm...why not try and make Phoenix the safest city in America, or the most business friendly? Then we can worry about our hue. 

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