Mayor Phil "Goober" Gordon, P-town's Barney Fife.

Note the similarity?

Just saw this bit in the ASU State Press about PHX Mayor Phil "Goober" Gordon speaking at the Central Library yesterday, where he "discussed making the city a safer place for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community." The occasion was a forum addressing hate-crime. Reporter Beezer Muth (great name, BTW) states that, "Gordon delivered the opening speech of the forum, showing his commitment to keeping Phoenix safe for all its members." The piece is titled, "Phoenix focusing on safety of LGBT community, mayor says."

What a crock of butt-monkeys! With our cops being gunned down in the streets for making jaywalking stops, and Phoenix rated as the 59th most dangerous city in America, beating out even New York City, Goober Gordon's the Barney Fife of U.S. Mayors, a bumbling, incompetent nincompoop who's a menace to the public he supposedly serves. Pass-the-buck-Phil avoids any responsibility for the high crime rate in the PHX. Though he was sunning himself in Hawaii when Officer Erfle was killed, he said it was the Feds' fault when he finally returned to Phoenix. And when outrageous security failings at Sky Harbor were exposed by ABC 15, Phil stuck his head in the sand and said the airport was safe, even after watching hidden camera footage of personnel marching past guards without being checked.

So if you're a member of the LGBT community or ANY community, don't buy this pathetic bullhockey Hizzoner peddles. Doing so might cost you your life. We live in a very, very dangerous city. And Phil Gordon has helped make it that way.

(The top photo is from the grilling Da Mayor got from ABC 15's Lisa Fletcher. If you wanna watch her eat Hizzoner's lunch, click here.)

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