Feathered Bastard

Mayor Phil "Goober" Gordon passes the buck on the slaying of Officer Nick Erfle.

Look at this incompetent putz. No wonder our cops are getting killed right and left.

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and Phil "Goober" Gordon suns himself in the tropics and passes the buck as PHX cops are boldly shot down during daylight in the center of the city. Just as he did when a security breach was exposed at Sky Harbor Airport, Goober has blamed the Feds for Officer Nick Erfle's death. Fresh off his vacay to Hawaii and back in town, Goober dodged responsibility for the outrageous crime rate in Phoenix -- a dodge he's been running since he took office four years ago -- telling reporters regarding this most recent cop-killing, "I have a message for the Federal Government...When are you going to do your job and secure the border?"

Uh, I've got a question for you Philly Cheesesteak, when are you going to act like a man with a pair of huevos and do something about the lawlessness in your own city? The fact that the scumbag who murdered Nick Erfle after a friggin' jaywalking stop was a once-deported illegal alien is a red herring. Crime has been rampant in this city since you've become mayor. And what have you done about it? Pass out park benches, play Monopoly and poo-pooh the ever-worsening violent crime stats. Take some flippin' responsibility, Philly-boy. This happened on your watch, after four years of you doing zip about crime. Like it or not, your greasy paws are tinged red with Officer Erfle's blood.

The only thing left for the citizens of this metropolis to do is throw your ass out of office. We can do it with a recall election, one that only requires 14,000 signatures out of the millions who live here. It can be done, and we will send you packing. And hopefully we can replace you with a real mayor, one who will recognize the problem and act. Anything would be better than the impotent embarrassment of a chief executive we have now.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
Contact: Stephen Lemons