Mayor Phil Gordon, aka "El Goober," supporter of graffiti and urban blight?

Mayor Phil Gordon, aka "El Goober," supporter of graffiti and urban blight?

Wack-ass graff: Detail from pics of Goober Gordon's HQ (below).

You'd think with a million smackers in the bank, PHX Mayor Phil "Goober" Gordon could keep the ex-tranny bar on Roosevelt he calls a campaign HQ free of urban blight. But as mayoral contender Steve Lory pointed out with a recent e-mail, Goober's political pied-a-terre is a freakin' eyesore, with peeling handbills and all the charm of a hobo hideaway. Even for the arts district, it's a stretch to call Goober's campaign nest "shabby chic." It's just plain shabby. Remember this is the spot the city briefly closed earlier this year (after Goober moved in) for lack of a certificate of occupancy. Sheesh, as bad as it looks now, maybe they should've kept this brick shoebox shuttered.

Also annoying is the scrawl of bad graffiti on the wall facing the street. Now artistic graff I like, mind you. But this graff is like something a toddler would do with a crayon when you're not looking. The tag lacks style. Moreover, its presence is highly ironic considering Phil's anti-graff diatribes in the past, or when he once referred to Phoenix as "an absolute leader in the world in the terms of fighting graffiti." Uh, does anyone know how to spell, "hypocrite," boys and girls?

Below is the full text of Lory's recent e-mail message to his supporters. Also, FYI, here's the PHX Graffiti Hotline # (602) 495-7014, as well as the # for Phil's campaign manager Tony Motola, (602) 258-PHIL, if you feel like giving him an earful. BTW, I drove by the Mayor's office this morning, and nothing's changed since these photos were taken.

Mayor Phil Gordon, aka "El Goober," supporter of graffiti and urban blight?

Steve Lory's pic of Phil's eyesore digs, from this Wednesday, July 18.

Mayor Phil Gordon, aka "El Goober," supporter of graffiti and urban blight?

Lory pic #2, from the same date.

1. Savings to Campaign from not having to buy paint to cover Graffiti: $20

2. Savings to Campaign from renting a previously condemned building: $3000 a month.

3. Being above the Law because you're Phil Gordon: "PRICELESS"

For everything else there is Gordon's City issued Mastercard !


Attached are two pictures of Mayor Phil Gordon's Campaign headquarters.

Please note that the pictures are real (in case you haven't been by).

While we're not out to attack Mr. Gordon the point cannot be ignored.

Let's not forget that every day the City issues Criminal Citations for Phoenix residents who have not removed graffiti from their property or who allow their property to create a blighting condition.

The penalty for these offenses can be up to 6 months in Jail and a $2500.00 fine.

In this case Mr. Gordon tries to create a Bohemian appearance for himself in the "Arts" community while at the same time as a sitting Mayor he violates City Ordinances.

The message is this: Mayor Phil Gordon believes he is above the Law on all things from immigration violations right down to graffiti and blighting laws.

Steve Lory

Mayor 2007

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