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Mayor Phil Gordon Blames Media Coverage of Corporate Conferences for Loss of City Revenue

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon blamed the media today for doing our job and reporting on governmental and corporate waste and stupidity.

What do we have to say about that here at New Times? Guilty as charged.

Gordon says the way the media covered corporate and governmental "training seminars" held here in the Valley prevented other organizations from holding similar retreats in Phoenix.

He must be referring to the Social Security Administration's luxurious retreat at the posh Arizona BIltmore. Or how about the Arizona teacher's expensive getaway at the lavish Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson?

If the media prevented another one of those debacles, job well done.

"Because of that adverse publicity, the business canceled the meeting at our resort at $99 a night and was paying over $200 a night in [Washington] D.C. because of this perverted focus on not having the facts out," Gordon tells 92.3 FM (KTAR).

As was pointed out in previous posts, $99 a night to stay at a four-star resort is a fabulous bargain.

However, these are supposed to be training seminars, not publicly funded vacations, and if the purpose of the seminar is to train employees paid with taxpayer dollars, the Days Inn on Thomas Road and the Black Canyon Freeway is currently offering rooms for 39 bucks.

There's even a free continental breakfast! Talk about pampering.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.