"You Betchya!"
"You Betchya!"

McCain Camp Fires Back at Palin Over Going Rogue Allegations

While John McCain has remained tight-lipped over former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's new tell-all, his campaign staff isn't following suit.

In Palin's new book, Going Rogue, the ex-governor of Alaska accuses the McCain campaign's top brass of forcing her to wear designer clothes, persuading her to give Katie Couric the infamous interview, where she came across as an elk in a snow machine's headlights, and then trying to silence her after the world had heard one too many "you betchyas."

McCain's folically challeneged Campaign Manager Steve Schmidt tells the LA Times the book is "total fiction," and went on to ask, "Why is the bald guy always the villain?"

Former McCain strategist John Weaver blames the horrible Couric interview on Palin and says nobody forced her to do anything.

"Sarah Palin reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in the movie Harvey, complete with imaginary conversations," he tells the Times. " The score-settling by someone who wants to be considered a serious national player is petty and pathetic. The problem wasn't who her interview was with, the problem was her interview."

What, not being able to name a single newspaper she reads was a bad thing? 


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