McCain Picks Up Endorsement by Supporters of Luke Air Force Base

With the future of Luke Air Force base in doubt, the Fighter Country Partnership sees a powerful ally in Senator John McCain.

The coalition of air base supporters, headed up by local developers and establishment-types, endorsed McCain today in his battle against former Congressman J.D. Hayworth for the Senate seat.

McCain's influence has been key in keeping Luke in the running as the main training base for the new F-35 fighter jet, the organization's CEO, Steve Yamamori, said in a statement.

"His leadership has literally preserved the goose that continues to lay the golden egg of economic stimulus to the state of Arizona," stated Yamamori.

Arizona could a few more golden eggs these days. But not all Valley residents are thrilled with the idea of a new and noisier jet fighter making its home at Luke.

Hayworth may have just picked up a few more votes in El Mirage.


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