McCain Vows to Block Confirmation of USDA Nominees Until Forest Service Allows Snowbowl to Use Recycled Sewage to Make Snow

Senator John McCain has pledged to block the confirmation of nominees for three political spots within the Department of Agriculture until the USDA approves a request by the owners of the Arizona Snowbowl to use treated wastewater to make snow.

The use of wastewater to make snow for skiers at Snowbowl has been an issue for some of the area's Indian tribes that consider the mountain sacred and would prefer that recycled piss not be sprayed all over it.

The Indians filed a lawsuit against Snowbowl that bounced around the federal court system for several years until August 2008, when an appeals court ruled in favor of Snowbowl. The Supreme Court declined hearing the case last June, which should have cleared the way for the owners of the ski resort to start making the snow but the Forest Service has not yet approved it.

McCain, according to the the Washington Post, had some harsh words for Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

In a letter to Vilsack, McCain claims the agriculture czar is delaying the approval of Snowbowl's request and ignoring members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation.

"I find the department's conduct in this matter to be most troubling and disingenuous. It is wholly inappropriate that without any legitimate explanation the Department can claim the right to delay an approved Forest Service action upheld by the Supreme Court," McCain wrote. "Quite frankly, every public land user and Forest Service permittee should be deeply troubled by the Administration's actions."

"Quite frankly" we find it even more "troubling" that people are willing to spend up to $50 to go play around in snow made out of recycled urine

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