McCainia: Live from the Arizona Biltmore

By Sarah Fenske and Amy Silverman

So here we are, armed with the world's smallest laptop and the world's largest cocktails (hey, when in Rome -- we've gotta blend in here), ready to cover history as it unfolds. Well, as it unfolds behind the ginormous bleachers reserved for paying guests and the political elite at the McCain "Victory" Party.

The stage is set ...

FOX News is on the TV, the foreign journalists are circling and Phil Gramm just walked by. Yet the only thing sparking are the rhinestone "McCain 2008" pins walking by on GOP housewives of a certain age.

A hipper GOP'er, local Kathy Petsas, is sporting the most telling button we've seen this evening. As nervous whispers go around about a potential Obama landslide, some admit it's been a little embarrassing to admit one's loyalty at a time when the other side is sooooooo charged up.

Pretty telling ...

Beneath the McCain/Palin message on her button, Petsas has taped the fortune she got at dinner at Chinese the other night:


Pretty telling that even a Republican in McCain's home state would cop to that. But even the most ardent conservatives will admit to feeling pretty disheartened this year.

Still, the night is still young. The polls on the east coast are just about to close. And if nothing else, we've got a lot of plastic surgery to admire here at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore, just mere feet away from the casita where the Reagans honeymooned.

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