McCainia: The Fashion Show

By Sarah Fenske and Amy Silverman

Okay, dont tell anyone, but we snuck into the McCain party. Sadly, this is a little bit B-list -- us and the foreign media and some really bad outfits. And Grant Woods, inexplicably, and at least three Congressmen. (As in Shadegg, Flake, and Franks -- the indicted Rick Renzi is nowhere in sight.)

There still isn't much going on here, despite periodic "whoooos" when McCain wins some totally obvious Southern state. In fact,we've spent most of our time fielding questions from Republicans jealous of our wireless access. No one here has been told that New Hampshire has been called for Obama, much less Pennsvylania or Ohio or New Mexico. If it's over, someone is hiding it from the fat lady.

So since you've got more of a pulse of what's up than we here at the Biltmore ballroom, we have nothing to offer you but a fashion show. Call it the best of McCainia.

Some ballgowns ...

Some funny pants ...

A great old dame in a hat ,,,

And by far the best dress of the night! (C'mon, you cannot argue with that.)

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Sarah Fenske
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