MCSO Captain Joel Fox Settles SCA Case With County Elections; Criminal and Civil Actions Not Precluded

Captain Joel Fox (at right) doesn't have to worry about a $315,000 fine, but the legal woes for him and other SCA contributors may not be over.

A settlement agreement between Fox and the Maricopa County Elections Department drops the main case against him, though the process of uncovering the SCA's secrets will continue for a few weeks.

The agreement requires Fox to identify the SCA's contributors, and he's apparently done that. County elections also wants the monthly bank account statements from the SCA since 2006, copies of the donors' checks, and wire-transfer records. Subpoenas may be required to force all of the contributors to provide the records.

The agreement, as long as Fox holds up his end, stops the enforcement action that resulted in a triple-damages award threat for the original $105,000 in contributions to the Republican Party made by the SCA (Sheriff's Command Association).

However, the agreement specifically mentions that it doesn't erase potential criminal liability for Fox, the SCA, or its contributors. And if county elections discovers contributions made by the SCA other than the $105,000, more enforcement actions might begin.

The agreement is signed by Karen Osborne and Joel Fox.

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