Medical Marijuana: An Open Letter to Arizona From VVM's Colorado Pot Critic

Village Voice Media, the parent company of New Times, is the only news outlet in the country with its very own pot critic. His pen name is William Breathes -- he's based out of Denver, Colorado, and works for our sister paper, Westword. He's written an open letter to the state of Arizona regarding the passage of our new, medical marijuana law, and we would like to share it with our loyal readers.

In Breathes' opinion, Arizona's done some things right that other states that have legalized medical marijuana haven't done.

For the most part, he applauds our new law (and takes a few jabs at our elected officials for passing a certain immigration law).

Check out an excerpt of his letter after the jump.

From William Breathes:

Patients and Caregivers may give marijuana to dispensaries, but not for any compensation.

Here in Colorado, caregivers with leftover herb can't sell it or give
it to dispensaries. Instead, dispensaries have to grow most of their
own. Only 30 percent can come from another dispensary -- that is, if the
caregivers even have the meds to give out to their patients. Here in
Denver, growers were limited by our city lawmakers to only twelve
plants, regardless of caregiver status.

The cards or recommendations for visiting patients from other medical marijuana states will be recognized in Arizona, but they may not shop at the dispensaries.

Well, I can't hate on you for making it legal for us to possess, smoke (and maybe even fly with) herb. You've given me a good reason to make it to Rockies spring
training this year. But blocking us from your dispensaries? With all of
those desert health spas out there, the thought of medical marijuana
tourism didn't cross your mind?

Non-patients cannot be punished for being in the vicinity of
lawful medical marijuana use by patients or providing paraphernalia to

So you're saying I can light up at a party in Phoenix and say "bong"
in a head shop in Tucson without the guy thinking he's being set up? I
had no idea that pipe stores had a lobbyist.

There's a lot more. Check out Breathes' entire letter to Arizona here.

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