Medical Marijuana Grower Shot and Stabbed in Robbery Could Face Charges

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Surprise police are not ruling out the possiblity of charges against the medical marijuana grower who was shot and stabbed inside his home Monday in a robbery attempt.

Martin Ridgway was in critical condition after being shot once in the abdomen and stabbed multiple times by one of the three men who came to his home/compassion club posing as medical marijuana patients, and as is the case with several aspects of Arizona's medical marijuana program, the legality of Ridgway's setup is up in the air.

According to court documents, Ridgway's house had "hundreds of marijuana plants," as well as "multiple packages of marijuana ready for sale."

Selling marijuana still isn't legal, since licensed dispensaries aren't expected to open for another year, although Ridgway apparently was running a "compassion club," in which suppliers typically offer up the medicine for free, in exchange for donations for membership.

"The investigation is ongoing at this time," Surprise police Sergeant Mike Donovan tells New Times "A specific quantity of plants was never mentioned. If during the course of the investigation it is determined that there are any violations of the law, the determination of charging would be considered at that time.

According to the court documents, Ridgway told police that the men had come to his home to "purchase" marijuana, but gave him fake medical marijuana cards.

As as ridiculous as it sounds, given the alleged intent to engage in a "purchase" and the number of plants Ridgway had, charges against him could be under consideration at some point.

The man who shot and stabbed Ridgway died as police officers came through the door of the home -- after Ridgway returned some stabs in self-defense -- while alleged getaway driver Stephanie Conley and alleged robber Jesse Gillen were arrested, and face several charges, including murder.

The other man involved in the robbery managed to escape police.

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