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Medical Marijuana in Arizona a "Charade," and What's Wrong with That, Exactly?

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This is near-heresy to say in my current position as a scribe for an alternative publication, but when Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts writes that our state's medical marijuana program is a "charade," I kinda agree with her.

Of course, I have it on good authority from a former Rep reporter who shall remain nameless that journalists at Sand Land's paper of record have to pee in a cup to get hired there.

There's backup for this out there on "the Internets," and on Gannett's own website.

Hell, you even have to pee in a cup to bag a part-time job as a production assistant for a Gannett TV station in Missouri. Sheesh.

Also, imbibing alcohol on duty is a firing offense at the Rep. Which may explain why the Republic's reporters are such a crabby bunch. (Roberts excepted, natch.)

A news hound who doesn't drink? That's plain un-American.

Jesus, I've never done the pee test to get a job. Even when I worked for a bank and handled people's freaking investments.

Which gives you an idea of where the Rep's comin' from.

Still, Roberts' kvetch on medical ganja being more about getting baked than easing pain (other than the pain of existence) matches the anecdotal evidence I've amassed.

That is, everyone I know who has a medical marijuana card, or plans to get one, simply wants to smoke weed with impunity.

This includes people I know in Cali, where finding a doctor to write you a scrip for some medical grade herb is about as difficult as purchasing a bus pass.

Or so they tell me.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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